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We provide best quality passports worldwide!

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We are the Fake Passports, your fake passport service. We are providing high quality fake passports since 2014 to people. We are printing our passports with the same method with governments. So even if a police officer asks you for your passport, you won't have any problem.

We also offer Fake ID, Fake Driving Licence and database registration but it is not available for all countries. All prices including worldwide shipping. For details, send an e-mail to us! fakepassports@sigaint.org


US Passport
1.0 BTC
US Driving Licence
0.2 BTC
US Birth Certificate
0.2 BTC
US ID Card
0.3 BTC
US Database Registration
0.7 BTC
UK Passport
1.3 BTC
UK Driving Licence
0.3 BTC
UK SSN Number
0.2 BTC
EU Passport
0.7 BTC
EU Driving Licence (Not including all countries)
0.2 BTC
EU Birth Certificate (Not including all countries)
0.2 BTC
EU ID Card (Not including all countries)
0.2 BTC
EU Database Registration (Not including all countries)
0.5 BTC
Canadian Passport (May not be available)
1.5 BTC
Canadian Database Registration
1.0 BTC

1793 Products Sold

High Quality

Since 2014

Over 30 Countries



The Fake Passport Service, since 2014. http://fakepassbxbwcvtk.onion